Mountaineering in Europe

Mountaineering tourism is defined as the collection of activities that tourists engage in when they climb mountains. Such activities range from skiing and hiking to mountain climbing and bouldering. Europe is one of the most exceptional continents with a myriad of beautiful mountains most of them being snow-capped. In addition to the snow-capped mountains, Europe is also endowed with mountains possessing tall peaks such as Monte Rosa which is believed to be the highest peak in Switzerland. Such natural features attract tourists from across the world in large numbers. The points below explain the six main benefits of mountaineering tourism in Europe: 1. Tourism has Opened up More New Areas Mountaineering has significantly enhanced the protection of the environment around many mountains in Europe. Mont Blanc, for example, has promoted environmental protection activities between France and Italy in a significant manner. If not for such sceneries, lands and places that are currently protected and secured by the government would be degraded and misused. 2. Tourism has Enhanced Inter-Cultural Interactions As tourists walk around the mountainous areas of Europe skiing and… Read more “Mountaineering in Europe”