Reasons To Shoot A Unique Video Resume For Your Next Employer

Are you in search of a job but would like to stand out? There are a variety of emerging trends that are being adopted by different workplaces, and we are sure you do not want to be left out. Since the rise of Covid-19 and its new variants, companies prefer to have their interested candidates send applications online instead of coming physically.

One of the emerging trends that are easily adapted into the employment culture is a video resume. Imagine if you are the human resource manager, and you have to read 1000 plus resume letters then you happen to come across a resume video. We are sure you would be interested in knowing more about the candidate. Below are more reasons why you should try out a video resume.

Let yourself stand out

Almost everyone will do a resume in writing form. Most will be long, include deep professional details, and even others eye-catching. The only way to break the monotony is shooting and editing a video where you fully describe yourself.

Make yourself known and stand out from the rest. It is a method being incorporated and although it is not yet popular, so do something unique for your future employer.

Shows off your skills

If you are applying for a position that demands creativity or video editing skills, one of the ways you can show off your skills is through this. With a catchy background, an audible sound, and soft sounds, you do not have to tell much about your video editing skills.

Your employer will pick out the unique features and who knows, you could be the next employee. There are a variety of skills you can also show off such as communication skills, comprehension skills, and the ability to describe yourself.

Use a link

There are a variety of places you can link your resume. It could be your social media platforms on your bio or Google Drive. Sharing this can be made easy as all you have to do is to share a link. Platforms like email only allow a maximum of 25Mb files.

If you are sharing a video with a client, go for a link. This way, you do not have to overload their inbox with your video.

A shareable link can be viewed by anyone you grant permission to. This way, anyone can see your resume without you reaching out to them. Instead, they can reach out to you.

Gain control

Unlike a written resume, you can choose what to include in the resume and what to exclude. Written resumes put one in a tight spot where you feel you have to explain all the details about yourself.

When filming, you can decide to deliberately hide some information. On the other hand, when editing you can also select to make what you are comfortable with known, and what you are not willing to share hide.

In conclusion, send a unique resume and make an eye-catching impression. One of the ways of achieving this is by sending a video recording. Try this out today. It can work for you.