Instagram Reels: What Are They? And Do They Matter?

It is never about what you think you know, but it is about what matters. And when it comes to the Millennial world, you ought to have what matters. That’s the only thing that allows you to stand out in their world. When we talk about Instagram, we were all about the photos, likes, and comments. The simple things still matter but not so much. Just like any other biological or technological component, it has evolved.

Things like Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, and Instagram Blogs have become a formality. But today we are not focused on so much mumbo jumbo. You want to know what Instagram Reels are and whether they matter.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels – the shortcut to how to become popular on Instagram –  is short and entertaining 15 to 60-second video content. This feature was used by the Instagram team and founders as a strategy against the great competition of TikTok. It was born out of the competition because TikTok was railing in numbers during the pandemic. At that time, Instagram had to get a strategy. So they created Instagram Reels.

This particular feature is the reason Instagram can still match up the numbers against TikTok. It has some similarities with the videos on TikTok and has packed videos with loads of information.

What does it take to create an Instagram Reel?

You can access your Instagram feed through the Instagram home page by clicking the plus sign icon at the top of the page or by clicking on the Reels tab. You can also press on the Instagram Stories tab. Next to the word “Story” you will find Reels.

After this, you will have the luxury of defining the time of the video by using the timer. Other things you can manipulate are the type of audio associated with your video and the filters and effects you will choose.

How good are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are out of this world. And you will know why it matters in the next subtopic. Reels are great because they leverage attention. It is really hard to watch videos for long hours. Well, unless you are on YouTube. But reels are great because they deliver all the information you need in a sitting. It’s all a Millennial would want.

If you are running a business on Instagram, then this would be the best way to learn about your audience. You will be able to test all the words – due to the availability of captions -, current and trending songs and video content that they like.

Do Instagram Reels matter?

They matter a lot. Videos are the fastest and easiest way to engage an Instagram user. Videos give a personal touch to what we are doing and create an illusion of presence. You can spread interesting information and even share links via them.

You can have a video that is overwhelmed with your creativity, jokes, and goofiness. This makes you appear more human and vulnerable. The use of creative tools will make you be able to experiment and see what works for you.

I’m sure if you pair the above traits with a video, you are more likely to get a reaction than have a single chain of stories. The last thing you ought to deliver is value, and you are done.